Winter Elves Drop Chengdu, Celebrating a Different Festival – “ELVES ARE ALL AROUND” Theme Event Held by Chengdu IFS Kicks off

(December 3, 2021, Chengdu) The winter should be fueled by warmth, just like festivals teeming with happiness. A sense of festival is livened up by the mysterious combination of warmth and happiness. On December 3, the theme event “ELVES ARE ALL AROUND” debuted in Chengdu IFS, kicking off a Christmas season at the end of the year. People yearned for Gift Workshop, an original of Chengdu IFS. Naughty yet charming elves shuttled back and forth. The hot festive atmosphere was wakened by vigorous excitement. In this winter, Chengdu IFS hopes to lead everyone to forget their worries and feel carefree and happy.

“ELVES ARE ALL AROUND” theme event made its debut.

Slingshot Slung the Code of Happiness. Elves Created a Workshop of Fantasy.
Over the years, Chengdu IFS has provided citizens with brilliant winter dreamlands, featuring dazzling, fantastic and gigantic devices. It is different this year. In this record-cold winter, Chengdu IFS exclusively presented locals with the “ELVES ARE ALL AROUND”-themed Gift Workshop, throwing them into a dreamworld full of fun and surprise. The impish but friendly elves loomed themselves among humans in the frigid season, and merrily gave the bliss made out of cold wind to everyone they saw.

In the early winter, an enormous mysterious slingshot appeared over the night on Hongxing Road. A red-nosed elf with a golden hat, gift boxes in hand, stood on it, greeting the world cheerfully. The huge slingshot stirred a heated discussion among locals who exclaimed with genuine curiosity and a yearning for the grand festival. They gathered and took pictures.

The huge slingshot stirred a heated public discussion.

Following the direction that the slingshot and the elf pointed at, art installation, also known as I AM HERE who clutched itself onto the façade of Chengdu IFS, was welcoming its new friends. Clad in splendid attire in different colors, the winter elves were scattered in the Sculpture Garden on the 7th floor. The Elven Tower forged by the father elf was most spectacular. A sparkling Star of David perched itself on the top of the tower festooned with red and golden lights. A number of little elves coming from afar by Elf Express scattered around as soon as they got off the platform that was also built by the father elf. The downtown became an elf-land. Some were greeting their new friend on the seesaw, one working on a festive cannon for confetti, and others zigzagging the portal and waiting for new friends. They played a Rhapsody of Gift Workshop with magnified belts, fireworks and festival balls. Exaggerated and vivid design style has made the existence of this small world comes to life, in which the elves also become more and more vivid. When night fell, the whole garden gave off warm light in the silhouettes of the surroundings. With melodious music, Chengdu IFS was like a land of happiness, waiting to be found and waiting for more friends.

The Sculpture Garden on the 7th floor becomes Gift Workshop.

The stories of the elves enlightened the visitors. They could not help but imagine the beautiful moments when their inner fairyland was opened and life was inundated with songs and fun. In this special Gift Workshop, happiness was the principle as well as the goal.

A Warm and Fun Christmas Was Lit in the Name of Love

Apart from jocular elves, Chengdu IFS has presented other fun theme events, in the hope that people can carry forward the festival spirit of “Share, Love and Hope” after having fun, and warm the Christmas of the city.

Here Comes the Beautiful Voice – Euphonic music carries imagination higher. For the first time ever, Chengdu IFS will invite Aca-Planet, an acappella label, to give two offline performances. A lucky fellow will join the flash chorus, or perform a festival song in the acappella way. Music makes new friends and music touches the heart. Immersed in the sound of nature, love is sparkled and peps up every ordinary man who livens up to life. Music defines the love to the city and life.

Chengdu IFS invites Aca-Planet to a flash chorus.

Elf-dropped Surprise – In addition to our offline events, Chengdu IFS also launches two AR mini-programs to share happiness online. Customers can scan the QR code to enter an amusing “AR Elven Party”, and participate in various enjoyable interactions where amazing gifts are waiting for them! While “Elf Mystery Boxes” has 7 cute elves and end-of-the-year benefits for everyone to unleash, customers may have a chance to unlock the Secret Elf and complete the ultimate mission!

At the same time, the Elven Surprise Party mini-program grants you the wish of taking photos with the elves. Upload your photo to the mini-app, and you will get yourself a cute red elven nose. You can also make yourself an exclusive poster, and become a new partner of the elven kingdom.

Two Different Online AR interactive app unlocks winter surprise.

Dogs Are the Best Friends – As a witness and participant of the city, Chengdu IFS is always carrying social responsibility in the name of love. During the event, Chengdu IFS will conduct public benefit activities along with Sichuan Qiming Companion Animal Protection Center, trying to guide the public to pay attention to stray animals with a more interactive way. Weeding the doghouse, feeding food, and donating old clothes will show the human companions concern and love. The animal elves will feel warmth in the harsh winter.

Fairytales are integrated into reality, and events connected by fun. Embarking on a surreal yet interesting adventure, locals can find a warm and fun time at Chengdu IFS on the cold bleak days. This year, come to the “Center of the Universe” for the winter. Surrounded by mischievous elves, you, perhaps, can find your wonderful encounter.

Event Information

Theme: “ELVES ARE ALL AROUND” Theme Event
Time: December 3, 2021 to January 3, 2022
Venue: Sculpture Garden, L7

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