Chengdu IFS, one of China's elite urban complexes, stands on the coveted location within the Chunxi Road's core business district in the heart of Chengdu. With overall gross floor area exceeding 760,000 m2, it consists of a flagship Shopping mall (210,000 m2), premium Grade-A Office buildings (275,000 m2), Niccolo Hotel (about 230 rooms and suites), and IFS Residences (76,000 m2).

About Chengdu IFS

Chengdu IFS (Chengdu International Finance Square), one of China’s elite urban complexes, stands on the coveted location within the Chunxi Road’s core business district in the heart of Chengdu, at the intersection of the city’s two main bustling arteries: Hongxing Road and Dacisi Road. With overall gross floor area exceeding 760,000 square meters, Chengdu IFS, a landmark development, consists of a flagship shopping mall (210,000 square meters), premium Grade-A office buildings (275,000 square meters), Niccolo Hotel (about 230 rooms and suites), and IFS Residences (76,000 square meters). In 2016, Chengdu IFS, thanks to its world-leading concepts of architectural and commercial design, was awarded the "VIVA Best-of-the-Best Design and Development Award" by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC), representing China's first-ever commercial property project winning this global title.

In 2019, Chengdu IFS won the "Sport, Cultural, Educational or Entertainment Event Award" of the 13th Heavent Awards in Cannes, for the events it co-organized with the Saint-Germain-des-Prés Committee – the only nominee and winner from Asia Pacific. And in 2020, Chengdu IFS’ "Fun in the AiR" AR Exhibition became the only Asian-Pacific gold-award winner in the "Digital Campaign" category of SABRE Awards, the "Oscars" in the field of PR, recognizing the project’s exemplary role in the physical business community’s journey to seek recovery and rejuvenation through digital marketing in the post-COVID era. In 2021, Chengdu IFS hosted “New Kitzzz In De House” art party. With living color and creativity, this crossover art party made a successfully reinterpretation for Sanrio’s classic cartoon characters, and won the “Gold Award - Innovative Achievement in Sales or Revenue Generation” in Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2021. Meanwhile, Chengdu IFS attached great importance into cultivating its KOC ecosystem. In 2022, Chengdu IFS made a great breakthrough by launching “Channel IFS” and was championed the “Best Use of Influencer” in Event Marketing Awards 2022, a highly-reputed global marketing award.

Since its opening, Chengdu IFS has long remained as a site for international brands to launch their global, national or regional first stores, as well as their first choice for premiering shows and launches of exclusive merchandises. Enabling consumers to access an internationalized, diversified life without even having to leave the city, the shopping mall hosts a selection of well-known international luxury and lifestyle brands, jewelry and luxury watch makers, leading designer fashion labels, children’s wears and accessories, Lane Crawford Department Store, and trendy eateries featuring global culinary offerings. Committed to values of “Innovate, Fabulous and Share” as ever, Chengdu IFS will always seek to foster fabulous life scenes for the public, and innovate and share a better future with the city of Chengdu.

The Wharf (Holdings) Limited

Founded in 1886, The Wharf (Holdings) Limited is the 17th company registered in Hong Kong and is one of the 30 constituent stocks in the original Hang Seng Index from the 1960s. Wharf’s strategic business focus is on property development, including land acquisition, financing, project development, design, construction and marketing and promotion. Wharf has unparalleled expertise in the management of shopping malls in Hong Kong. Harbour City and Times Square are in the group’s prized portfolio of properties. Advancing its longstanding mission of “Building for Tomorrow”, Wharf focuses its resources and expertise on developing prime real estate projects in Mainland China spanning a dozen of Chinese cities. Wharf has firmly established a reputation as the developer for premier landmark projects, including Wheelock Square in Shanghai and the various Times Square projects in Chongqing, Dalian, Shanghai and Wuhan. Currently underway is the construction of five IFS projects in Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Suzhou and Wuxi, which are based on the successful model of Harbour City in Hong Kong.

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