On January 14, 2014, the 15-meter-tall and 13-ton art installation was successfully mounted on the wall with the help of a crane and rested steadily on the rooftop of the seventh-floor Sculpture Garden of Chengdu IFS. It lays there quietly watching the streets with people coming and going, collecting precious moments of people gathering together and witnessing the extraordinary changes in the city.

Internationally renowned artist Lawrence Argent created "I AM HERE" with his love for pandas and cutting-edge artistic style, giving it a unique polyhedral image. Mr. Argent hoped that through this giant cute creature, he could break the barrier between the serious commercial space and people, bring a sense of freshness to the public, and integrate art into the city's landmark.

Everyone loves giant pandas! This uniquely lovely animal in China also makes Chengdu, as the hometown of pandas, more approachable. He hoped that the existence of "I AM HERE" would arouse everyone to think about the relationship between people and the city, the nature, and to explore a sustainable way of living.



13 ton


"I believe if art can permit an engagement,
it can then seduce."


I am a giant panda
having seen the world.

As "the second giant panda that must be seen when coming to Chengdu", I am a must-visit check-in place for tourists and celebrities from all over the world, and have extremely high popularity on social media! I have seen the romantic and beautiful rose lamp sea garden, spent a hot summer vacation with the Smurfs, cheered for the wonderful opening of the global style forum where celebrities gathered, there are too many wonderful memories indeed! I often appear on news reports, promotional videos, major media coverage, representing Chengdu as the city ambassador to the world.

I am a giant panda
loving to explore.

I am often attracted by the charm of the digital world. Through AR technology, I interacted with the spaceships from the distant universe and release unlimited imagination. I have also released my own NFT to raise the public awareness in protecting the wild giant pandas. On my 10th birthday, I even broke the dimensional limitation and shuttled through the three large outdoor LED screens at The Antiquity Plaza of Chengdu IFS. I look forward to explore and interact with everyone in any form and anywhere.

I am a giant panda
claiming countless awards.

Because of the remarkable stories mentioned, I have won significant domestic and international awards, such as the Silver of Galaxy Awards, the Gold of PR Awards Asia, and the Gold of Shanghai International Advertising Awards, to name a few. They are truly the highlights of my life, and I am honoured to earn such recognitions.

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