Unleashing Children’s Creativity and Bringing back Childhood Memories

July 26, 2020, Chengdu — Today, many Sanrio classic cartoon characters make their appearance at Chengdu International Finance Square (Chengdu IFS), kicking off the “New Kitzzz in De House” Sanrio Characters × Hikaru Matsubara Collaboration in this special summer holiday. This art feast is joined by children and parents who aspire to the exploration of mysteries and the pursuit of purity and innocence through child’s plays. By unleashing children’s creativity, it endeavors to bring back many childhood memories.

The Sanrio cartoon characters, represented by Hello Kitty, have kept company with generations of people growing up. Embodying the childhood memories that many people cannot forget, they also have the unparalleled healing power. In the year 2020, Chengdu IFS has teamed up with Japanese artist Hikaru Matsubara to reinterpret the Sanrio cartoon characters. By recreating childhood classics with artistic strokes, and bringing back the joyful time of childhood with fashion, the party builds a summer paradise full of fashion, artistry and fun for everyone. It is hoped that by perpetuating the wonderful memories into pure artworks, this unique experience could chase away the sorrow of COVID-19. As the classical cartoon characters are given new life in their rendezvous with fashion, this party presents a brand-new trendy experience and injects vitality into this city with its dazzling colors and breathing-taking artistry.


Life-sized Classical Sanrio Characters Grace the Scene and WeChat Mini-Program Doubles the Fun
The opening ceremony is full of surprises, such as the fashion show spotlighting the trendy interpretation of Sanrio characters and the appearance of life-sized well-known Sanrio characters, spiriting everyone on the scene away into a gorgeous wonderland. The biggest feature of the event—a WeChat mini-program that seamlessly replicates the party, plays an important role in the opening ceremony. As visitors use the mini-program to spice up the ambiance, the “New Kitzzz in De House” officially rolls up its curtains.

Sanrio’s all-star lineup kick-starts the “New Kitzzz in De House”

A vibrant scene of the “New Kitzzz in De House”

Ms. Christina Hau, Assistant Director and General Manager of Wharf China Estates Limited, is touched by the joy through the live broadcast and says, “Art and emotion have always been inseparable, and Chengdu IFS is the practitioner and pioneer of this concept. The brand Sanrio has a natural appeal to the public. It is believed that its collaboration with the renowned young Japanese artist will present a nostalgic yet novel, and affectionate yet trendy experience. We hope that through the interaction of art and trendy elements, we can attract more people to revisit the classics together, awake their inner child and allow them to enjoy the beauty of the present.”

As one of the hottest illustrators in Japan today, Hikaru Matsubara has showcased his distinctive eye-catching color scheme and minimalist curves in this collaboration. Just like he says, “The distance between us and art is vanishing. The ‘New Kitzzz in De House’ is intended to help people regain their childlike innocence in a witty way. I hope that while enjoying my artworks, they could have the opportunity to heal, relax and embrace a positive mindset and lifestyle.”


Multiple Immersive Installations to Spice up Your Summer
With delicate innovative artistic elements, the “New Kitzzz in De House” is given unlimited possibilities for visitors to explore. The multiple scenes specially created for the event at Chengdu IFS are fantastic spots, and a combination of fun and artistic experience. These scenes celebrate the same classical charm of Sanrio characters, yet each present different amazing surprises.

The New Kitzzz Playground offers a variety of interactions and trendy ways to enjoy art. The 11-meter-tall giant device has an interactive LED screen at the top. If you scan the QR code, Keroppi and Bad Badtz-Maru will pop up to take you for a ride into the fairytale world. On the Playground stands the Latticed House, which contains mysterious props in different cabinets; the Modern Light and Shadow House transforms Sanrio characters into a dazzling form of 360-degree immersive fluorescent art; the Super Mirror House takes its visitors on a journey to rediscover innocence in the mirrors.

Art and fun redefined by trendy child’s plays

The Gravity Basketball Court accentuates aesthetics through sports. The Basketball Court perfectly fuses art with sports by having the players teaming up with well-known cartoon characters in a basketball game. While celebrating sportsmanship, players can also embrace the charm of basketball and capture the artistry in sports.

The Sanrio × Hikaru Matsubara Art Exhibition offers visitors a chance to explore whimsical ideas and dive into the mind of the artist. When Sanrio characters meet bright colors and minimalistic curves, wonders take place. Hikaru Matsubara incorporates his unique sense of humor in the 11 art pieces, which put smiles on your face at the first glance and leave a lingering aftertaste.


Interactive Online Mini-program Joins Hands with Unlimited Offerings
In addition to a number of offline scenes, the event has launched a WeChat mini-program. With just a few clicks, you can find out which Sanrio character best matches you. With the 11 Sanrio characters collected, you might win the limited-edition Sanrio × Hikaru Matsubara figurine. The interactive games, Sanrio × Hikaru Matsubara products, discounts and special offers, and surprise red envelopes will sure keep you on your toes!

“New Kitzzz in De House” mini-program

During the campaign, Chengdu IFS has multiple purchase rewards in store, such as 100-yuan coupons, Sanrio × Hikaru Matsubara To-Fu Oyako blind boxes and Hikaru Matsubara-designed umbrellas and tableware. At Chengdu IFS, more purchase rewards await.

Limited-edition Sanrio × Hikaru Matsubara merchandises

The night is still young and the fun never ends. During the event, Chengdu IFS will extend its opening hours to 22:30 and launch a night market at the Sculpture Garden on L7, featuring a galaxy of performances to double the fun! In addition, Chengdu IFS will also offer a variety of workshops, street concerts, K-pop dance performances, “Gravity Cube Games” and more. During the Chinese Valentine’s Day, a series of upcoming activities, such as the Lovers’ Photo Booth, will take you back in time to relive your summer vacations.

Event Information

Theme: New Kitzzz in De House
Date: July 26, 2020 – September 13, 2020
Venue: Atrium, LG2 (near Adidas); Sculpture Garden and Art Gallery, L7

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