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Shop Number: L712K&L712LA&L712LA2

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Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00

Luneurs is an unorthodox French bakery combines ice cream selection located in Shanghai, crafting viennoiserie, pastries, bread, ice cream and various choices of brunch every day from the kitchen, just behind our product-displayed mere table. We aim to share our savoir-faire and passion to every hearty eater, bringing the fabulous taste of our creations and without fail a range of excellent coffee and drinks, and never forgetting the simple deliciousness of the classic croissant, baguette…
Our slogan is “Grams of Joy”. From environment to food, It’s all about the customers happiness, that offers you the pleasant time in our cheerful atmosphere. It’s our pleasure to get a simple ‘merci’ while you leave.
Our bread and pastry chef, Didier Chouet, is a MOF (France’s best craftsman) and World champion.
Anne Catherine is the person behind the recipes of WIYF, one of the biggest Shanghai ice cream shop hit ever – more than two hours of queue everyday. She is dedicated, always in quest for taste and pleasure, and to share her knowledge and passion to all ages, for all the tastes and every day.

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