Limited Refreshing Flavor Heralds a Cool Summer — Chengdu IFS Unveils Donald Duck Ice Shop Exhibition

In every scorching summer, Chengdu IFS, like a magician, brings people laughter and joy. Exclusive and wonderful performances are always happening here. In this extended summer, people need extra cool joy. On July 23, joined by Donald Duck, the Disney superstar, Chengdu IFS launched the Donald Duck Ice Shop Exhibition — “Go for A Cool Summer, Ducky!”.

“Go for A Cool Summer, Ducky!” — Donald Duck Ice Shop Exhibition Unveiled
From right to left: Ms. Veronica Chan, Assistant Director
& General Manager (Group Retail Leasing & Planning).; Mr. Dawny Law, Assistant Director & General Manager (Operations &
Marketing); Donald Duck; Mr. Mao Qiang, General Manager, North & West Region, Consumer Products, The Walt Disney Company (China) Limited

In a classic blue sailor suit, Donald Duck has brought infinite delight and sweet memory with his raspy yet humorous voice. People grin when thinking about him. With classic movie like scenes and tasty shaved ice, you can satisfy both your eyes and taste bud in a genuine retro world.

On the launch day, dancers in symbolic blue, white and yellow performed a cute and energetic ducky dance, which created a hot atmosphere. Children danced to music merrily, and received adorable ducky gifts. In cheers and among dancers Donald Duck showed up as a surprise to the audience. In the spotlight, the superstar greeted the audience with his symbolic poses, and took photos with them. The sweltering summer is going to be decorated by a cool hue of fantastic blue because of the small wonder shop in the center of the city.

Donald Duck Strikes a Pose

Classic Scenes, Blockbuster Poses—Ducky Shoot!
A strong sense of reminiscence approaches you from the exhibition. The symbolic American-styled neon signs give off an ambiance of retro neo-romance. It is a must for creating the atmosphere, and favored by young hipsters. The gigantic rotatable ice cream sign is classic yet naughty, making you feel like jumping time and lingering in an old-school shop by an interstate highway in the United States, capturing the exclusive styles in the 60s and 70s.

Classic Scenes of Donald Duck Ice Shop Exhibition

The exhibition features complementary colors. The blue and yellow checks echo with colorful neon patterns. The striking design of vintage walls and delicate floor tiles delivers a new artistic style. In the freezer-themed showcase displays exclusive Donald Duck-themed flour sacks, aluminum pots, soda cans, etc. The trendy ducky products are the best to create an atmosphere that spurs you to shoot photos everywhere. The exhibition that attracts cyber celebrities is a combination of customized style and creative art, bringing a brand new experience.

The Donald Duck Ice Shop Exhibition’s Delicate Interior Design

Limited Flavor Satiates the Savor—Ducky Cool!
Collaborated with Fine, a Shanghai restaurant going viral on the Internet, the exhibition presents four kinds of theme shaved ice. They are good-looking and yummy, made of colorful jam, crystal smoothie and infinite creation. You can satisfy your eyes while enjoying the shaved ice.

“Limited Edition Icy Ducky”, a blue colored and orange flavored smoothie capped with milk and strawberries, touches the heart of a maiden instantly. “Strawberry Excited Ducky” is covered with fresh strawberries and marmalade. Its pinky, crystal look resonates with your gentle and wonderful first love. Tempting and refreshing, “Peach Joyful Ducky” is dotted with peach chucks that matches the foamy smoothie. “Passion Fruit Happy Ducky” features the special sweet-and-sour flavor of the passion fruit. The fruit acid in your mouth instantly cools the summer heat down.

The way to get the shaved ice is extraordinary and fun. During the event, pay to roll the shaved ice-shaped wheel of fortune and decide your mood today. Make the same expression as the duck on the wheel, exchange for a coupon, and you can get a handmade limited edition shaved ice. You will enjoy the fun of opening a mystery box before enjoying the delicious dessert. What a surprise in the summer!

Theme Limited Shaved Ice

Genki, Exclusive and Cute Premiums—Go Ducky!
In addition, the exhibition is full of surprises. The vintage corn popper perfectly integrates stylish visuals and fun, bringing about exclusive memories. Meanwhile, the American styled jukebox turns itself into a mystery box machine. During the event, customers reaching certain amount of purchases can experience it. Click the button and you will get authorized Disney premiums, including Genki Ice Cream-themed Donald Duck dolls, key chains and stickers.

Amazing Premiums

During the event, Chengdu IFS will roll out a series of Midsummer fun, such as Double Seven Date on the Ice, Movies on the Roof, Vintage Toy Market, etc, inviting you to feel the American style and modern ambiance in person. And customers can also join the lucky draw by playing the AR game “Catch Shaved Ice” or experiencing the theme paths.

“Catch Shaved Ice in a Cool Summer!” —A Time Limited AR Game

For Chengdu people, celebrating summer in downtown is indispensable. Chengdu IFS has been lighting the summer vibe with smart ideas: from Nature Connects with famous Lego artists, to Together We Are Happy, an original entertaining project, to New Kitzzz in De House, a crossover art party with SANRIO Characters. The idea of a date with the summer at Chengdu IFS every year has long been buried in people’s heart.

This year, the ingenious Chengdu IFS presents a trendy and exquisite Ice Shop Exhibition. People can not only sense the cuteness from eye to heart and feel the cool from head to heel, but also deliver “happy energy” constantly with Donald Duck, so that to face the little downs in life positively.

It is another unmissable, yummy and fun summer. Come to Chengdu IFS now for a cool summer!

Event Information

Theme: Chengdu IFS Donald Duck Ice Shop Exhibition
Time: July 23 to September 12, 2021
Venue: Atrium, LG2 (near adidas)

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