“HEXATRON” in Chengdu — Integration of Chinese Style and International Fashion

November 7, 2019, Chengdu — Yesterday, the large-scale acousto-optic theme exhibition of “HEXATRON” was launched at Chengdu IFS (Chengdu International Finance Square), witnessing the debut of the magnificent hexagonal acousto-optic device after the 2018 Burning Man Festival in the United States. The opening ceremony of the theme exhibition — the Second StyleFest Chengdu Fashion Week co-sponsored by Chengdu IFS and Huasheng Media Group was launched at the same time, fully demonstrating the collision and integration of Chinese Style and international fashion. The trendy experience of glamorous sound and light provides a fashion feast in Chengdu.

“HEXATRON” shine in Chengdu

“HEXATRON” showing rich light and shadow forms such as fire, bamboo, rain, snow, starry sky

Actors such as Wang Dalu, Zhang Xueying, Song Zu’er, Wu Xiaomin, singers like UNINE Yue, and Li Siyu, actor and fashion host, attended the exhibition, together with Mr. Mark K.Lottor, a famous American artist, representatives of Chengdu IFS and editor-in-chief of Huasheng Media Group, witnessed the wonders of HEXATRON and jointly launched the Second StyleFest Chengdu Fashion Week.

Acousto-optic Spectacle of “HEXATRON”

When the “HEXATRON” was first exhibited on the 2018 Burning Man Festival of the US, which brought together tens of thousands of creative pioneers, it triggered wide sensation on the Internet and became a phenomenal event on mainstream social media. And this debut in Chengdu, the especially customized acousto-optic special effects would also bring unique surprises for the public.

In the ever-changing light and shadow of HEXATRON, Chengdu IFS and Huasheng Media Group joined hands with Edition, TASAKI, PRONOVIAS, Roger Vivier and other well-known brands to usher in the latest fashion trends in China and western countries. Edition 2019 winter fashion show characterized ingenious classic designs. TASAKI, PRONOVIAS, Roger Vivier jointly presented the “Ocean-themed Wedding Style Show”. TASAKI also made the debut of the 2019 version of Atelier series high-end jewelry, demonstrating magnificent artistic inspiration.

Edition showing the light design of winter clothes

TASAKI, PRONOVIAS, Roger Vivier displaying the beauty of ocean-themed wedding layout

Mark K.Lottor also shared his ideas of creating HEXATRON, saying that HEXATRON was presented in hexagons because they are the commonest and stable structure in nature, with mysterious connotation.

HEXATRON was a giant forest of light with a diameter of 27 meters, composed of 486 lamp posts of 6 meters high. The infinitely changing light and shadow presented a strong sense of fashion and the advanced technology. The device created a 360-degree surrounding shock through the multiple changes of sound, light and shadow, and the public can stroll into this interactive space and feel the powerful energy brought by light in all directions.

People enjoying themselves in HEXATRON

“Chinese Stylein Chengdu” — Charm of Fashion

At the same time, the “StyleFest Chengdu” Fashion Week, with the theme of “Glow in Style”, focused on the stylish international fashion brands and the works of Chinese independent designers, targeting the new main force of consumption of Generation Z, and bringing a fresh and cutting-edge fashion experience to Chengdu. Walking into the HEXATRON’s acousto-optic experience scenes, you can not only find trendy items, enjoy your shopping, but also bury yourselves in it to show your own style and become part of the device’s changes.

During the four-day event, Chengdu IFS and Huasheng Media Group joined hands with more than 30 international well-known brands, including Bottega Veneta, Brunello Cucinelli, Edition, Polo Ralph Lauren Children, PRONOVIAS, Roger Vivier, TASAKI, TOM FORD BEAUTY, to witness the magnificent spectacle of global fashion and Chinese Style in Chengdu through several fashion events such as Chengdu opening banquet, star preview, online flash sales, among others.

Several stars at the splendid fashion show

Chengdu IFS “Cloud style” online flash sales were launched on Nov. 6, 2019 and a number of limited-edition products were launched globally, enabling consumers to enjoy their shopping in everything from makeup, jewelry and fashion clothes to trendy electronic items.

The large-scale acousto-optic theme exhibition “HEXATRON” would continue to shine for three and a half months. Chengdu IFS would also launch a series of interesting and exciting activities, such as hipster parties and acousto-optic bazaars, inviting the public to “Walk into the Light”, showing its unique charm in the changes of acousto-optic spectacle and fashion.

Activity Details

Theme: “HEXATRON” – a large-scale acousto-optic theme exhibition at Chengdu IFS
Date: Nov. 6, 2019 – Feb. 14, 2020
Venue:Antiquity Plaza, L1 of Chengdu IFS

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