Debut of Sneaker Con Museum in Chengdu IFS – A International Top Sneakers Exhibition

May 29, 2020, Chengdu — Chengdu IFS joined Sneaker Con, the “world’s largest sneaker trend exhibition” to create a new IP for sneaker culture — Debut of Sneaker Con Museum. Today it is officially launched in Chengdu. Sneaker Con Museum hosts exhibitions as the first “sneaker museum”, and aims to raise public awareness of sneaker collection and creative culture, and to carry forward the inspiration of “everlasting enthusiasm for sneakers”. Meanwhile, this is the first time that Sneaker Con series activities are launched free to the public.

Debut of Sneaker Con Museum in Chengdu IFS


Prominent Cooperation for the First Sneaker Con Museum
Sneaker Con, known as the “prominent sneaker show across the globe”, originated in New York in 2009 and was jointly initiated by three sneaker culture enthusiasts: YuMing Wu, Alan Vinogradov and Barris Vinogradov. So far, Sneaker Con has been successfully held in more than 40 cities around the world, attracting millions of visitors. Starting as a trading and exchange platform for sneaker enthusiasts, it has evolved to become the world’s top sneaker cultural event.

Different from the previous Sneaker Con that focuses on sneaker trade, the debut of the world’s first Sneaker Con Museum in Chengdu has brought the professional promotion and popularization of Sneaker culture. It is dedicated to creating a sneaker cultural event that is not only for sneaker enthusiasts, but also the public. In this way, more people can appreciate the unique charm of sneaker culture and trendy art.

The sneaker museum featured by trendy fashions and popularity


Display of Kobe’s Sneakers & Innovative Sales on the Trendy-Retro Bazaar
Sneaker Con Museum integrates diversified activities such as limited edition sneakers display, professional sneaker culture sharing, multiple interactive experience and trendy retro retail sales. It exhibits nearly 100 pairs of Kobe’s sneakers together with many of the world’s top Kobe sneakers collectors. Each pair of sneakers has a special story that commemorates the brilliant career of Kobe. Meanwhile, the sneaker warehouse of YuMing, one of the founders of Sneaker Con, which is popular among sneaker enthusiasts, is also perfectly replicated at the scene by imitating its custom-made “shoebox corridor”. It is a wonderful place for taking photos.

The trendy-retro bazaar not only incorporates the Vintage Market medieval bazaar built by Sneaker Con for the first time, bringing together the popular retro items of nearly 10 of the top trend ancient shops in China, but also cooperates with more than 20 first-tier sports brands, such as Adidas Originals, JORDAN, China Li Ning, Champion, DESCENTE, FILA FUSION, integrating a series of national debut or limited release activities with one-stop exhibition and the perfect integration of trendy and retro styles.

The debut also cooperated with many well-known sneaker collectors, trend bloggers, sneaker designers, brand designers, including Wu Nianzhen, Andrew, Dr. E, Zhang Hehe and other professionals, to carry out diversified interactions such as new product release, limited sales of jointly-designed products, fans sharing meeting, TRPG games, customized Workshop, providing the opportunity for the public to appreciate sneaker culture and trendy fashions.

Professionals at Sneaker Con Museum


Limited-edition brand merchandises & Coffee — Trendy Experience
At the same time, Chengdu IFS and official designers of Sneaker Con launched Sneaker Con Museum limited-edition brand merchandises, such as T-shirts, sweaters, hats, stickers, badges, tote bags, key chains, and sold them in vending machines, bringing forward a new way to enjoy shopping. In addition, during the event, you may have the opportunity to get a Sneaker Con Museum series product if you have purchased products at Chengdu IFS or logged in to the “Sneaker Trend’s Cloud Store” to purchase them. Besides, Sneaker Con Museum × GREYBOX COFFEE will provide specialized coffee here!

Limited-edition brand merchandises – Trendy Experience

Everlasting enthusiasm for sneakers! Debut of Sneaker Con Museum will last until June 14, bringing wonderful experience for three consecutive weeks. Come and appreciate the rich connotation of sneaker culture and the enthusiastic trend of the scene in Chengdu IFS! This is the only Sneaker Con Museum worldwide. Don’t miss it!


Activity Details

Theme: Debut of Sneaker Con Museum
Time: 10:00 – 22:00, May 29 – June 14, 2020
Venue: Sculpture Garden, L7 of Chengdu IFS

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