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Shop Number: L417

Phone Number: 028-85570879

Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00

“姯”, woman+light, an ancient Chinese character that depicts a woman of dazzling beauty. Dazzle and Shine — is a new vision of beauty that DAZZLE has defined since its creation.
#LOVE CREATES# DAZZLE believes that when you dress up, there is a sense of responsibility that you want to live up to the sparkle: feel empowered, confident, and the best version of yourself.
Created by women for women, DAZZLE celebrates the aesthetics of contradictory in the designs that interpret the personal style towards an ideal of universal beauty.
Discover all that is bright and beautiful in the world of DAZZLE. DAZZLE’s design never misses the element of contradictive clashes, the creatively mixed elements resulted in the unique characteristic of DAZZLE.
DAZZLE never stops exploring fashion, experimenting new and creative ways of thinking, combining surprises and unexpected elements together.
That’s the unique DAZZLE beauty aesthetic.

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