Chengdu IFS “Together We Are Happy” Unveiled to Invite You for Fun Together

June 28, 2019, Chengdu — Yesterday, Chengdu IFS (Chengdu International Finance Square) officially unveiled its original amusement project “Together We Are Happy” in the bustling downtown of Chengdu. Built with colorful knits, the amusement section involves four innovative interaction zones to invite everyone to spend a happy summer together!

Abandoning high technologies widely adopted in modern business, the “Together We Are Happy” project continues the originality of Chengdu IFS to present several manual facilities that need to be run by at least two people. These facilities echo the theme of “Together We Are Happy” and remind people of cherishing the simply fun in gathering, company and sharing.

It is worth mentioning that you could regain the innate joy of spinning in the section, and experience the precious emotions between people in the simply fun. The activity interprets the extraordinary meaning of sharing in an innovative form, and once again reflects the brand concept of “Innovate, Fabulous and Share” of Chengdu IFS.

Let’s have fun together at Chengdu IFS “Together We Are Happy”

Hundreds of happy buddies witnessed the delightful start of “Together We Are Happy”

Nine youthful “happy cheerleaders” presented the debut of the themed song, “Together We Are Happy”, and invited everyone to enjoy themselves with the amusement facilities. Alongside the enthusiastic and energetic music, happy participants flocked to the facilities to experience the first ride.

“Happy Cheerleaders” stage the maiden performance of the themed song, “Together We Are Happy”

Four interaction zones of colorful knits render interesting new landscapes in the city

The colorful knit elements make “Together We Are Happy” a highlight of the city instantly upon its kick off. Integrating innovation and fun, the four interaction zones are awaiting the exploration of citizens and tourists.

Interaction zone 1: Spinning Square
The Antiquity Plaza on L1 of Chengdu IFS has been transformed into the cute “Spinning Square”, which is spotlighted by the 10m-diametered amusement facilities. The top, with unique patterns, can rotate automatically. A set of customized ball-shaped chairs and multi-modal rest area are provided to invite visitors to a wonderful amusement paradise.12 more small rotating devices of different shapes were set around the main device, where you can enjoy the fun in collaboration with your family and friends.

“Spinning Square” are crowded with people who wish to enjoy the fun of rotation

Interaction zone 2: 100 Seconds Yo-yo
The shopping mall is also full of rotation happiness. The “100 Seconds Yo-yo” is located at the atrium on LG2 (near Adidas). With receipt of any amount of consumption in the mall, the consumer could enjoy 100s of fun of the wonderful merry-go-round.

The public is immersed in a pleasant time in the rotation.

Interaction zone 3: Rotary Dessert
Happiness is not just a feeling of the mind, but also an enjoyment of the taste bud. “Rotary Dessert”, sited at the atrium on LG2 (near H&M), offers exquisite delicacies such as ice cream, desserts, coffee and sparkling water with a spinning conveyor belt to allow visitors to have a rest and enjoyment.

Delicacies on the spinning conveyor belt

Interaction zone 4: Bright Windmill
Bright Windmill is added to I AM HERE, the go-to spot for photography of tourists. When night falls, you could rotate the handle of the windmill with your friends to have a fun summer night.

Bright Windmill lights up the summer night

Wonderful Activities Led by “Happy Show Youth Gathering Musical Performance”
“Together We Are Happy” will last until August 31, during which a succession of exciting events will be staged. The “Happy Cheerleader” will stage 8 “Happy Show Youth Gathering Musical Performance” every Saturday to bring us fun with music and dance. Also, Chengdu IFS will join hands with GoPro to present a “Smile Together” exhibition in the art gallery on L7 of the mall to show the diversified fun of kids and adults. In August, the section will launch a special night show for a limited period of time, and invite the Swing Dance Company to lead the public to join the “Swing Together Happy July 7 Festival Ball” to bring a charm of romance to the summer nights.

Also, the shopping mall offers several interesting “Good Luck Vending Machines”. After participating in the dance challenge to the “Together We Are Happy” themed song, participants, two as a pair, will have the chance of winning gifts such as the Coca Cola customized cans. What’s more, for any consumption at the site, the consumer will be presented an exquisite colorful rotating fan.

Theme customized “colorful rotating fans” waiting for you to collect

Since its inception 5 years ago, Chengdu IFS has been an amicable company of local people and a witness of the growth of itself and the city. We’re presenting the “Together We Are Happy” this summer in the hope of having fun together with old friends and exploring more with new ones.

Activity Details

Theme: Chengdu IFS “Together We Are Happy”
Date: June 27-August 31, 2019
Venue: Antiquity Plaza, L1/atrium, LG2 (near Adidas & near H&M)/before I AM HERE, L7 of Chengdu IFS

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