Shop Number: L6 / L614

Phone Number: 18123397980

Opening Hours: 10:30 – 00:30

Chengdu BONA UA Cinema opened its door in January 2014. It is located on Chengdu IFS L6, at the most prosperous Chunxi Road business area in Jinjiang District, Chengdu.

Chengdu BONA UA Cinema is designed by internationally renowned designers and crafted by well-known local developers. It has 8 theatres with 1,184 seats, including one IMAX and one luxury VIP theatre.

The IMAX theatre is built in full accordance with IMAX international standards, using a full set of imported equipment and an all-metal screen with a screen height of 13 metres and a width of 21 metres, which will provide Chengdu movie fans with the most perfect IMAX viewing experience.

The luxurious VIP theatre is equipped with 30 large and comfortable leather seats, fully imported equipment, multiple independent make-up rooms and toilets, and enjoys exclusive services. It has multiple functions besides movie viewing: business meetings, product launches, salon workshops, parties, etc., providing audiences with a private and luxurious all-round experience.

Each theater adopts a different yet creative design concept, such as white jade, red diamond, blue diamond, bamboo forest, etc.

Chengdu BONA UA Cinema also adopts Global UA’s specially-designed functional leather seats and a world-class digital 3D projection system, where audiences can truly appreciate the most advanced film technology, the most avant-garde cinema design, the most comfortable viewing experience and the best cinema services!

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