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In July 1985, UA Cinemas, originated from the United States, opened UA Shatin in Hong Kong, the first multi-theatre cineplex across Asia. Since then, its industrial background and professional service saw the investment and operation of more than ten UA cineplexes with unique design and extraordinary film-watching experience in Hong Kong and Macao, making it one of the largest cinema runners in the area. For example, UA Cinemas Langham Place, since its opening, ranked the first in the box office in Hong Kong and, UA Galaxy Cinemas, when it was opened in 2012 in Macau, immediately hit the record of box office of the region.

UA Cinemas, with its state-of-art screening and audio equipment, and perfect and considerate humanized services, continually establishes and operates a number of world-class multi-theatre cineplexes. Entering into Mainland China in 2010, it flourishes with the favorable operation of three cineplexes in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Opened in January, 2014, Chengdu UA IFS, the first UA cinema running in the Southwestern area of China, is situated on the sixth floor of Chengdu International Finance Square (IFS), the landmark building at Chunxi Road, the most prosperous shopping district in the whole Southwestern region.

Chengdu UA IFS is designed by internationally renowned designers and built by well-known domestic constructors. It enjoys 8 theaters of 1184 seats, including an IMAX theatre and a VIP theatre.

The IMAX theatre is constructed in full accordance with IMAX international standards, using a full set of imported equipment and a 13×21 all-metal screen to provide the audience a perfect IMAX viewing experience.

The VIP theatre features 30 large and comfortable leather seats, all imported equipment, a number of separate dressing rooms and toilets, and multiple exclusive services. An ideal choice for film watching, business meetings, product launches, academic salons, birthday parties, and private parties and so on, it provides with a full range of privacy and luxury for feeling the fantastic charm of fashion and films.

The design concept theme varies from theatre to theatre, where white jade, red diamond, blue diamond, green bamboo groves and other illustrates creativity sufficiently.

Chengdu UA IFS, equipped with UA-tailored functional leather seats and world-class digital 3D projection system, is the place where the audience can truly appreciate the most advanced film technology, the most avant-garde theater design, the most comfortable viewing experience and enjoyment brought by the most humane and quality services!

LocationL6 / L614

Telephone Number18123397980

Opening Hours10:30 – 00:30

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