“STAR WINK Season of Wishes” Unveiled at Chengdu IFS

(December 0X, 2020, Chengdu) Chengdu IFS (Chengdu International Financial Square) recently unveiled its winter campaign themed “STAR WINK Season of Wishes”. Light up the 12-meter-high starry Christmas tree in LG2, the Sculpture Garden at L7 and the decorated ginkgo trees surrounding Chengdu IFS at the same time, bringing a shining surprise to the city center in this cold winter. Chengdu IFS wishes to evoke the feeling of love, reminding the happiness of sharing at this special timing when new year is around the corner.

The wonderful lightening ceremony

Interaction of light and sound inspires dreams, art of light and shadow creates fantasy
The shining Christmas tree inspired by the luminous wishing bottle is up to 12 meters. It is composed of a rotating meteor light belt and clustered star lights. The colors of shining gold, elegant silver and deep blue complement each other, forming a dreamlike visual effect. This is the ideal place to go where you can get a sense of ritual in life. More surprisingly, the Christmas tree adopts voice-activated interactive sensing system – when you walk into the tree, clap your hands in front of the speaker-like device, the stars above your head will echo and shine, creating a unique wishing moment. The tuk tuk train running around LG2 is also decorated with shining stars, bringing a fairy-tale like family time for all.

The shining Christmas tree

When night falls, the colorful fireworks tree, crystal clear bubble houses, and beautiful shining starlight corridor turn the Sculpture Garden at L7 into a dreamland of light and shadow. The night market now turns into Christmas themed bazaar, where you can bring your families and friends, enjoy spicy food, cinnamon-scented mulled wine, or stroll along the stalls shopping for a gift. For the Bubble Houses on the 7th floor, Chengdu IFS invites Ms Huang Lu, a pioneer florist and installation artist, to customized two sets of star inspired art installations. For the other 3 Bubble Houses, tenants including HEFANG, ogonblick and Acupuncture offer cool pop-up presentations, showing the inspirational collision of art and life.

The Sculpture Garden at L7 turns into a dreamland of light and shadow

The pop-up Bubble Houses

The night market now turns into Christmas themed bazaar


Dress-up the trees, share love and hope
Chengdu IFS brings another surprise during the Season of Wishes. Partners with Starry Sky, an organization guided by the Jinjiang District Disabled Persons’Federation and offers work trainings for the special needs groups, Chengdu IFS organized a team of staff volunteers to carry out the festival decoration works together with the special needs groups, as to help them integrate into society, and furthermore, to realize their own value through work. “Every person is a star in the night sky, and each star can emit its own unique light in the dark night.” This why Starry Sky is thus named and this beautiful name is also echoing the STAR WINK Season of Wishes campaign theme.

The ginkgo trees with holiday outfit is a warm surprise

Chengdu IFS invited teachers from Starry Sky’s Knitting Workshop to coach its employees, working together with special needs groups to help prepare Christmas decorations, dressing up the 36 ginkgo trees on Shamao Street and Hongxing Road, together with the concierge desks in the mall. These decorations are works full of warmth and hope. Scan the QR code on the trees, the behind the scene story will be available on mobile end.

In addition, Chengdu IFS offers Starry Sky a stall in the Christmas Bazaar, where their handmade products are available, calling the public to support them in various forms, as to bring confidence and a sense of accomplishment for the special needs groups.


The Christmas Carnival is on
Chengdu IFS will continue to enrich winter consumption scenarios and activate night consumption power, with the Christmas carnival on and rich activities planned every week. In partnership with tenants, a series of interactive activities are on calendar, including workshops, live streaming, interactive lucky draw games, online shopping spree, balance bike race for kids, romantic parties for the young, and special offers & privileges for VIP guests. The festival atmosphere will peak starting from 19 December, where dancing and live music performances will be held, and the aurora themed Christmas Eve party to be on. On the last day of 2020, new year welcome party will invite everyone to join and make a wish for the coming 2021.

Customers scanning H5 QR code to unlock the STAR WINK Season of Wishes from their mobile phone

All STAR WINK Season of Wishes activities are integrated into a H5 program with mobile end interactions. It is a base for interactive activities in Chengdu IFS, such as “Make a Wish” dual screen interaction. Scan the H5 QR code and you can easily get a full guide to all the activities, and users also have a chance to join a lucky draw.

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